Banking for small businesses is highly relational. Here is a typical story:

The business owner has a dream, leverages his home for a small line of credit and then launches his company. As the company grows, the friendly bank mirrors the business’ success with more borrowing power. The bank manager and owner become friends and as long as the company is successful, the relationship is maintained.

But when the small business hits a wall or has an off year, the under-performing loan is moved into the special asset department. The relationship becomes tenuous and the bank recommends a CPA to help the small business conform again. Although a CPA firm can give an accurate historical account from the P&L, it is not in the business of fixing operational challenges.


This is why Maguire, Hughes & Carpenter is the best choice for special asset turnarounds and work-outs. MHC’s core competency is not only diagnosing the problem, but also implementing changes inside the company. Whether installing bidding and estimating systems, inventory justification procedures, sales and marketing strategies, or just better systems and controls, MHC has helped hundreds of companies turn around and become more successful.

If you are interested in MHC helping you on a special assets project, please contact Pat Maguire directly at 937-272-5016.