Every MHC Consultant is trained to identify and fix problematic areas, which will ultimately produce more profit for the client and a better quality of life. Our expertise, combined with the experience of helping several hundred businesses, has enabled us to develop a precise methodology to create the greatest profit, at an inexpensive cost, which is realized in a short period of time.
Our consulting engagements are more like laboratories than classrooms. We study your organization and then simultaneously teach and implement best-practice strategies adapted for your personal needs. For the engagement to be a successful, the fruit of our time with a company must remain after we leave. Therefore, our commitment is to ensure the policies, processes, systems and best practices are transferable to the ownership and the management team.
What you can expect from our Consulting Engagements:
  • Maximize sales efficiency and growth strategies
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Overcome cash flow challenges
  • Create best practices for management, systems, controls and structure
  • Plan short and long-term business strategies and goals
  • Help transition to the next generation with a thorough exit strategy
  • Drastically increase the bottom line
  • Improve your companies business intelligence with viable IT solutions