The Genesis
In the year 2000, Patrick Maguire, Carmine Colletta, and Bill Tosier decided to join forces and create a management consulting firm. The firm would offer unparalleled services and corresponding results to small businesses across the U.S. The three original partners had diverse backgrounds. Patrick Maguire worked for a Big Six accounting firm, owned a small business, and worked for what was then the largest privately held company in the world. Carmine Colletta’s career began in academia where he taught at a prestigious university in New England, before being recruited into the private industry by a large and rapidly growing technology company. Bill Tosier originally planned to pursue a career in medicine. However, he dropped out of medical school to pursue his passion; a career in assisting small businesses achieve success.
While the early years were difficult for the firm, and most clients engaged the firm based primarily on intuition rather than track record, the firm continued to grow each and every year, eventually employing some 80+ professionals.
The Outlook
In the year 2016, in an effort to more fully recognize the contributions of the firm’s current leadership, the firm adopted the name Maguire, Hughes, & Carpenter. This long overdue change was made to reflect the multiple and substantial contributions of long time firm members Jeff Hughes, and Candis Carpenter.
The firm has not only updated it’s name, but has also modernized it’s service offering with specific emphasis in implementing simple, yet effective, technology solutions for small businesses as well as a new special assets banking group which is charged with assisting banks to enable troublesome and medium sized businesses to enjoy immediate and sustainable bottom-line improvements.
As the firm looks forward to the year 2018 and beyond, we stand proud of our track record and are extremely thankful to those clients who have placed their trust in us since 2000.